Monday, January 12, 2009

Second chances

I have been thinking a lot lately about second chances. Wondering whether friends are those who understand that sometimes you need a second chance. You make mistakes in relationships, but you learn a lot about yourself in the whole process. Once the clouds clear and you admit and accepts the mistakes, are "true friends" the ones who openly accept it and accept you and give you a second chance at the relationship.
And then, why is it so difficult for some people to give you a second chance?
Do they forget that when you unintentionally hurt someone close to you, someone you care about, then you hurt more than the person you hurt. And you feel like shit! And something that you did not know has just been revealed to you and you are willing to make amends. But to make changes you need a second chance. You need a chance to prove that you have learnt something more. You need a second chance to implement and execute what you have learnt. A person becomes wiser by making mistakes, by falling, and then by getting up and getting another shot.
And then sometimes, I think that you yourself need to give yourself a second chance. You need to forgive yourself and take another shot.
So, are friends the people who understand you more than you do and are willing to give you that second chance with an open heart. You sometimes hurt them, have fights, have arguments, but they are still ones who root for you the most when you get that so deserved second chance. They are the ones waiting for you at the victory line. They are ones who run into at the finish line and they catch your fall. They hug you, pick you up on their shoulders.
So, second chances are important, they are perhaps more important than the first shot itself. Second chances make us appreciate what the first shot and failures taught us, they re-iterate the importance of the first shot.
I hope that my friends and my life is generous enough to give me sceond chances. To give me a second chance to make relationships better, a second chance to know myself, a second chance to be a better and stronger friend.
To second chances!!!

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