Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gems and such

I was reading some of the notes that I had made to myself in India during this India trip and there were gems that I read/heard that I had noted. I am putting them here so that I can read them whenever and whereever I think I need them.
This one is from Sorry Bhai. This is what Boman says to Shabana when she tries to come in the way of Chitrangada and Sharman's love. I think this is really powerful, a true test of strength and a true test of love.
"Real strength is when you love someone and you let that person have all the freedom that person needs; you let that person totally free and espite that, he or she remains yours."
The other one is from an episode of Mahabharat when Krishna is leaving Vrindavan to go to Mathura. All of Radha's friends are asking her why she does not stop Krishna. How can she love him and not be possessive about him. To that she says,
"Love is being able to recongise that when the reflection of the moon falls on the waters the lake, it is the foolishness of the lake to think that moon belongs to it. The moon is always and foreverr in its place in the sky shining upton the on the entire world and giving its moonbeams to everthing equally."
A little too contemplative, a little too cheesy sometimesat times. But there are times when one needs such words. These words become gems when they are set and said in the right settings and right circumstance. Until they are set and used and they shine, I am keeping these gems stashed in this treasure chest; for me to find them when I need them. Until then..they are for safe-keeping :-)

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