Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We celebrated our First anniversary in Orange Beach, AL. Here is the information....

This is gulf shores and orange beach:


However, the better directions are these:
Taking Hwy 45S and Foley Express Way.

The route off Hwy45 takes lesser time. Also since we both enjoy driving, we both loved this drive since in parts it goes through small towns. The only cons are that when the route enters Mobile, AL. in a part of the town that is not very safe; and if you really want to save time then you need to take Foley Express Way and pay $3 toll.

We stayed at this hotel:

Other places for the rentals:


Also check this out -- Gives a live view of the beach:

Other things to do :
  1. Sunset at Fort Morgan..SPECTACULAR...hope for a clear sky.
  2. Trail on Bon Secour Nature Refuge. Take the 4 mile trail, It ends in a beach.
  3. Water scooter
  4. Dolphin cruises
  5. Goto Pensacola, FL: Nice drive to Pensacola
  6. Day Trips

Things to take:
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Things to play on the beach
  3. Sun glasses
  4. Swiming clothes
  5. Sneakers
  6. Club ware
Places to eat:

Gulf shores:

  • Lulu's: Fish tacos,open air, Cajun Shrimp :Tel: 251-967-LULU
  • Desoto's: Seafood platter, grouper,crab legs
  • The Steamer: Shrimp
  • Shrimp Basket: Shrimp, next to Sovenier city with the big shark mouth.
  • Original Oyester House: Pinacolada, Fried oyester, shrimp, grilled seafood, crab cakes, key lime pie. Take a walk on alligator patio.
  • Dippin' Dots ice-cream: Perrrfect after a long trail walk.
  • Piny Pony: Patio on the beach, drinks, martini, view of the moon from the patio.
  • Cheesecake at Hope's Cheesecake-- Have not eaten..heard it is really good. NOT a cheesecake FAN :(

Orange Beach:

  • Flora/Bama- Club/gr8 drinks, DANCE and CROWD


  • Key lime milkshake at the Stacey Old Tyme Soda Fountain
  • "Throwed Rolls" at Lambert's Cafe- This place has somevege options, The best part is that they throw hot rolls to you and you have catch them..FUN!! This is next to the big shopping mall.

Loxley, AL ( on hwy 45):
  • Stop at Burris Farmer's market in Loxley and eat AWESOME strawberry shortcake, key lime pie. Best while driving back.

Other Favorites

Photos coming up........CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!!!
One of the best weekends we've had together....CHEERS TO ONE YEAR OF MARITAL BLISSS :-D

Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiderman..Spiderman...Good Spe-Eff and yet Boring..SPIDERMAN

Went and saw Spiderman-3 last Saturday. WHAT a BOOOOring script!! Apart from the wacky dancing of Mr. Toby and the sometimes interesting special effects, the movie seemed to be really inspired by some chewed-on Hindi movie script. Hero and heroine deeply in love, hero's best friend-turned nemesis, loves the heroine and wants revenge dur to "galatfaimi". So to take revenge, he tells the heroine "Agar HERO ki JAAN pyari hai toh usse bolo ke tum uss-se pyaar nahin karti". But just in the nick of time, the galatfaimi is cleared and in true "dosti ka imtehaan", the guy forgets about revenge and find newly-bloomed and stronger "dosti". Another villian aka. Sandman is nice-guy-turned-bad-boy saying, " Main accha insaan hoon jiski kismet kharaab hai"...Third villian is bad-boy-becomes-dangerous saying.."Yaad kar kutte tune mere saath kya kiya...Ab main tumhare saath wahi karronga". The hero forgives Sandman becuase of his "dukh-bhari kahani" and kills the real-bad-guy after the hero's best friend dies at his hands. Please translate this into American-English, and add some lectures about "achaa insaan" and there you have the script of Spiderman-3.

That brings me to my tri-rule: By the time a director makes the last movie of a triology, he is so tried and at loss of ideas that he probably looks for inspiration to mushy romantic movies or to fairy-tales or worse even to lectures about good morals and behaviour.
Example: 1. Matrix trilogy --First movie was WOW !! Second..SPECTACULAR!!! Third ...What was HE thinking ??
2. Rambo -- Not really a trilogy..but you see my point :-)

However, an Exception to the rule: Lord of the Rings. But I think that director already had a well-written, well-plotted script in the form of the book. Also, I would not really call the movies and trilogy...because they are essentially the same story.

That said, I am a FAN of "Pirates..." and the third movie is being released pretty soon. I would really like the "tri-rule" to be proved wrong....am really hoping for it.

OK..now the good things about Spiderman-3:
1. James Franco - Would like to see him in some well-scripted plot. Also would like to see if he can do any comedy. But he sure can act.
2. Toby Maguire dance - It was really entertaining..though HILLAROUS!!
3. Special Effects - I can see how this movie became the "most -expensive" movie so far

Would like to see Spiderman-1 or 2over 3 anytime. However, all that said...I am one of the those who has contributed to making the movie, number 1 for 2 weeks and to help it recover the expenses...Would LOOOVE to watch ANY Spiderman over some STUPID movies anytime..examples of stupid movies --disturbia, blades of glory, 300.

Monday, February 26, 2007

G and me were watching the Oscars yesterday. What a long ceremony! Whenever I watched the awards night earlier, it always seemed to be just long enuf to bear and (may I say it) ENJOY!. However, yesterday was a killer. Ellen was the MOST Boring compere. I wonder what hosting Oscar nights does to good, honest and FUNNY comedians; Chris Rock was another example. Just makes me think what kind of practice and endurance it must have taken of Whoopi and Billy.C. to host the ceremony so well. Also, I hated Ellen's dresses. Most people and speeches were alrite and NOT urging one to yawn..EXCEPT for al Gore :-)

Bravo to Forrest Whitaker. I was rooting for Will Smith..but I think Forrest had a good chance (though I have just seen glimpses of 'King of Scotland')..AAh..that reminds me..Need to compile a list of oscar films I want to see...

I was really very happy for Jennifer Hudson. It is indeed very inspring for a girl singing gospel in church, to make it American Idol, get voted out, do one movie and then Win the GG, oscar and land on the cover of vogue. Also I really like her because she projects a GREAT body image...Very inspiring to see her perform confidently with the "PERRRFECT" Beyonce and SHINE!!!

Anyway..pretty late...G is cross...more later...

I will always Love you....

I will always love you..

Minutes have turned into hours,
Hours into days,
Days into weeks,
Weeks into months,
And I still seem to fall.
I have tried everything but nothing seems to help me at all.

Tears rush down my face
As if it is the very moment that I lost you again,
When I close my eyes I see your face so clear,
As if you were now with me and so near.

I reach out to touch you like I used to
Walk to you till the distance between us becomes a few,
I want to whisper that I love you
And that you can take me without further a due.

The touch of your lips still lingers on my lips
The way you felt on me, within me, makes me miss a few beats.
Though memories seem to fade,
The love I feel for you still remains.

I want to feel your touch,
Want to feel your warmth and so much.
I want to hear your heart beat close to mine
And whisper to you that it is just divine.

But as I sit alone in the silence of my room,
All I can hear is your voice
And then I think about all the mistakes and the choice.

The look in your eyes when you kissed me overcomes,
There is nothing else in the world that made me so succumb.
The moments we had together surround me in parts,
The thought of the way things were and what they could have been break my heart.
But nothing stops the pain now since,
I know that getting over you will be the hardest thing I will ever do.

I want to reach out for you and to feel what I felt
To be again in your warm embrace that so made me completely melt.
I want so much to say that I love you
And that I would give the world for that too.

That is when the picture starts to dim,
And the heartache fills up to the brim.
And that is when you look at me and smile,
And it dawns on me that it's been a while.

But before you can say a word
I realize it is a different world,
Because having you with me was just a thought,
A wish I've been making since the day we started drifting apart.

Minutes will turn into hours,
Hours into Days,
Day's into weeks,
Weeks into months,
And still my heart will break for you.

Just for one more chance to tell you that I will always love you and till death I do.

- Leena
2/9/2006, 12:30am

Random thoughts read somewhere

Random thoughts...Very interesting thought...

When Fighting with your husband... use this to win an argument....
  • Never question your wife's judgement; Look whom she chose to marry
When sitting down idle, PONDER...
  • If we are to help others, wonder what the other are here for ????