Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiderman..Spiderman...Good Spe-Eff and yet Boring..SPIDERMAN

Went and saw Spiderman-3 last Saturday. WHAT a BOOOOring script!! Apart from the wacky dancing of Mr. Toby and the sometimes interesting special effects, the movie seemed to be really inspired by some chewed-on Hindi movie script. Hero and heroine deeply in love, hero's best friend-turned nemesis, loves the heroine and wants revenge dur to "galatfaimi". So to take revenge, he tells the heroine "Agar HERO ki JAAN pyari hai toh usse bolo ke tum uss-se pyaar nahin karti". But just in the nick of time, the galatfaimi is cleared and in true "dosti ka imtehaan", the guy forgets about revenge and find newly-bloomed and stronger "dosti". Another villian aka. Sandman is nice-guy-turned-bad-boy saying, " Main accha insaan hoon jiski kismet kharaab hai"...Third villian is bad-boy-becomes-dangerous saying.."Yaad kar kutte tune mere saath kya kiya...Ab main tumhare saath wahi karronga". The hero forgives Sandman becuase of his "dukh-bhari kahani" and kills the real-bad-guy after the hero's best friend dies at his hands. Please translate this into American-English, and add some lectures about "achaa insaan" and there you have the script of Spiderman-3.

That brings me to my tri-rule: By the time a director makes the last movie of a triology, he is so tried and at loss of ideas that he probably looks for inspiration to mushy romantic movies or to fairy-tales or worse even to lectures about good morals and behaviour.
Example: 1. Matrix trilogy --First movie was WOW !! Second..SPECTACULAR!!! Third ...What was HE thinking ??
2. Rambo -- Not really a trilogy..but you see my point :-)

However, an Exception to the rule: Lord of the Rings. But I think that director already had a well-written, well-plotted script in the form of the book. Also, I would not really call the movies and trilogy...because they are essentially the same story.

That said, I am a FAN of "Pirates..." and the third movie is being released pretty soon. I would really like the "tri-rule" to be proved really hoping for it. the good things about Spiderman-3:
1. James Franco - Would like to see him in some well-scripted plot. Also would like to see if he can do any comedy. But he sure can act.
2. Toby Maguire dance - It was really entertaining..though HILLAROUS!!
3. Special Effects - I can see how this movie became the "most -expensive" movie so far

Would like to see Spiderman-1 or 2over 3 anytime. However, all that said...I am one of the those who has contributed to making the movie, number 1 for 2 weeks and to help it recover the expenses...Would LOOOVE to watch ANY Spiderman over some STUPID movies anytime..examples of stupid movies --disturbia, blades of glory, 300.

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