Monday, June 30, 2008

What the F???

It happens to me often that I write something and then am too bored to read it, even proff-read it. I mean, heck, I just wrote it, pulled it from my grey cells and now I have torture the same grey cells to read and analyse the material they just produced AGAIN!!! How totally unfair.
BUTTTT, no proof-reading means, when I read my own posts some 2 months later, I sit there staring, thinking...WTF, how did I ever write that. I mean, did I just not use the "so" in the same sentence and there it is again....F****.
And then all I see are the glaring mistakes, that pop right up. Not the thoughts, not the "in-between-the-lines" stuff...Just the mistakes...HATE IT!!
So POA, will try to be good and read wateva I write..TRY, TRY, TRY.
Does that I have to read everything that preceeds this word...F**************K!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Law of Attraction-- oprah show.

I sprained my ankle yesterday evening while taking a walk, so am glued to the couch with an ice pack on my right ankle.
So, I am on TV therapy. I am watching Oprah. She is talking to a panel of life coaches talking about Law of Attraction. One of the ladies defined the law of attraction as "You exactly get what you want."
The universe will give you only what you exactly want; rather intend. The difference between a wish and an intent is that is wish is something that springs from a need. I wish I have a stringer husband becuase I want him to be able to pick me up. I wish I win a lottery because I want to buy a Beamer convertible. However, intent is something that comes from inner core of peace. Also, your body tells you the difference between a wish and intent. When you say what you want aloud, if it is something u really want, your feel physically stronger.
This is a very interesting thought. I think that I am watching this show because it is my intent to get out of this miserable situation. My inner core wants me to be really happy and so I am having this entire experience so that I can grow.
Another interesting statement: " The world is conspiring for my betterment."

Thing to take away: Make a vision board. Almost everyone on the show talked about making a vision board. A lot og ladies also had vision boards.
A vision board is something you make from what you want to vision for yourself. Express the visions using pictures, letters, printouts.

I am going to give it a try.
I am starting my vision board contents today.

More about the show as I watch. I am totally loving it so far.