Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Love..a Why...

They say that love does not hurt; 
They say that love brings happiness
They say that love makes everything joyful
They say that love lights up the darkness

Then why does the heart ache
Why is there anger
Why are there disconnects
Why is there a fear of loss anticipated along the way

Why do two people grow apart
Why is there loss of words
Where does the happiness disappear
When does the boon become a curse

Why are there so many questions
And where do I find answers
Why does he say that something is missing
Even when I have laid down my heart; still he says it falters.

So do I still believe that love brings happiness
Believe that everything will be joyful like it was
That love will light our way 
That we met  has to have a divine cause.

- Leena
Jan 06, 2009; 1:27 AM

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