Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Men from Mars.....?? I am trying to keep up my self-made promise to write everyday (if possible :-) ). I have been thinking about how men seem to take advantage of their friends who are girls. So here you have a girl who wants a guy to talk to her, give her a man's perspective on life, just so that she can find her way through the completely confusing and puzzling world of MEN. And she gets is just another guy who wants to touch her every chance he gets, show his guy friends "look-who-is-my-friend". Is it really so difficult to be a friend? This is so confusing.
Well, so I am going to try another way of dealing with this. Keep the friend AWAY for some time and see what happens.
I have heard from a lot of fellow GFs that the IGNORE therapy works wonders. It has never worked for me so far, but this time I am prepared to give it a full try. I will try hard not to give into temptation to talk (which is SOOOO D%#$*#(#$*N hard).

I have been dancing a lot lately. I think it is really helping me deal with life and stress better, not to mention the added benefit of getting a chance to dress up and look HOOOOOT and then shake the booty :-D...FABOULICIOUS!!!