Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals and such

Back after a hiatus.
Yes, things have been crazy busy for the past 3 months since Diwali. I had too much going on. All good things though; dance, music, pageant prep, New year's party prep and planning; all of that peppered with work and more work.
However, for some strange reason although the past two months have been really really busy, they have been slower than the past 3 years.
I always thought that when one is busy, one does not realize how time passes. However, I am opposite, time passes for me slower when I am not busy, when I procrastinate, when I am NOT working towards a goal.
The thing that has definitely changed in the past 3 months is the surety of a goal.
It has brought so much stability, direction and peace to everything I do.
It seems as though suddenly everything I have done, everything that has happened in the past years suddenly makes sense. ALL OF IT!!
I have a feeling that 2010 definitely has something really big, something really spectacular, something really phenomenal, something truly magical in store for me. And all I have to do is keep working towards it!
And I am going to keep working towards that!
NOW, back to work :)

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