Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Car and thoughts

SOooh! Finally brought the car home yesterday. The car I wanted for a year; make that 2!
It was a pleasure to drive...but still my mind was plagued with too many thoughts...and of course with the thoughts of driving carefully. HAVE TO DO DEFENSIVE Driving here in Bluffcity; people drive like they are being chased by a tornado. Neeways, so while thinking about checking the blind spot, giving lane change signals, I was also thinking about the indulgence...
Don't get me wrong..the car is an indulgence..an indulegence that makes me drool even when I think about it, sitting here at the computer...MY red-colored, black interior, black top, chrome-lined, MINICOOPER convertible. The car made a special place in my heart the first time I started it to take a test drive.. And so I think, despite the loan, despite the increased insurance and of course my concern for my new red baby :); i feel the indulgence was worth it..I test drove enough models to know that I did not want to put money on any of them, waited 2 long years to make up my mind and got a good deal..So, I think the indulgence ( the biggest and most expensive one I have made with my money so far) was worth it..I feel it every time I make a turn and my car glides through it.. and every time I take the top down and feel the wind in my hair :)

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