Monday, November 03, 2008

I am back ....again!!

i am writing today after a long time... a lot of things have been going on in the past month. one thing I have come to realize is that if there is anything that i am not ( or my heart) is not sure about doing, I should just tell my mind to follow without any questions. I am not able to bring my mind to agree to anything that my heart is not really interested in doing.

Also, I really need to do something about this exhaustion i face. I am always exhausted all the time. I am exhasted from work, exhausted from dance, exhausted from cooking, exhausted from doing FAN work, JUST plain exhausted. I donot know what to do about the exhaustion. There is this feeling that I am being constantly forced into doing something that I donot want to do. But I still keep doing it becuase I have committed to it and now am accountable. I am really waiting for this week to be over soon, so that I can start to reprogram my schedule.

I want Wednesday, 1:30 pm to approach fast so that I can decide what I can do with my time and alos give more time to tasks that are more important to me.

Neeways...I have more to write..but will tomorrow.

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