Friday, March 31, 2006

I broke up...

I broke up...

I broke up with you today,
I just let you go.

I killed the hope that I had in me I could not let it more grow
For this time i realisedThe pain and hurt had began to hypnotise.

And all the love and all the romance that was once there
Was not any strong for me to wear.

As I sit here in my empty room
Thinking about what you said and said what me
I wonder if all this is really worth a grieve.

I always knew in my heart this was not meant to be
For when it is we can clearly see.

But I am not bitter for I know
That we tried hard to make the love grow.

So as I sit here wondering why I cannot cry
I know becuase it was worth the try.

So even if loving you might be a mistake
For I an take the blame, the one thing I will partake.

For loving you showed me how pretty the world is
My love for you told me never a full moon to miss.

When I loved you the flowers and the spring were just for me
I felt the warmth even in the winter and the sleet.

So as I sit here thinking about what happened
I know that I am not heart broken.

For everytime I will think about us I will think about the smiles not the tears,
I will think about the love you's and not the swears,
I will think about the nights and not the fights,
I will think about the songs and not the lies.

Because you taught me to love, to care and to share
And for that I will always remember you as my teddy bear.

So even though now I feel a litle girl
Whose lost her teddy when she took a swirl,
And it will be hard since I lost you
And there will be days that I will miss you
But I know that I will get through
Becuase even in all the ordeal you made sure I grew.

3/31/2006, 3:22pm

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